Chasing Dreams, Befriending Pain, and Other Big Ideas is Alexi Pappas’ empowering, funny and fearless memoir-in essays.  


Pappas, an award-winning writer, filmmaker, and Olympic athlete, candidly opens up about what she has learned about confidence, self-reliance, and mental health, including her struggles with post-Olympic depression and how her mother’s suicide when she was four-years-old altered the course of her life and set her on a journey to self-actualization. In buoyantly and honestly telling her story and taking pains to show her vulnerability, Pappas strives to help others work through their own struggles and develop a winning resilience.

In these unprecedented times when social interaction has pivoted to screen time, "Jazz Storytime with The Printups" offers a fun and heartfelt way for audiences of all ages to interact and engage with one another through the music of Jazz.

A new book for young — and all — adults by Candy Cooper with Marc Aronson. The event will feature Candy Cooper, Keishaun Wade, who figures in the book and lived through the crisis, and contributing writer Marc Aronson. The event is presented by Montclair Bounce in partnership with The Montclair Public Library and Watchung Booksellers. Montclair Bounce is excited to highlight this riveting story of how a community in crisis, facing tremendous obstacles, became the essential catalyst for positive change. 

Nancy Kislin, LCSW and author of the book "Lockdown: Talking With Your Kids About School Violence",  provides tips for dealing with big emotions, too much screen time, lack of routine and resistance to self-care. Learn what social apps your kids are hanging onto - the good, the bad, and the scary.

During stressful times, mindfulness can help us become more aware of habitual reactions that may be affecting us physically. This is especially relevant now as we manage the stress brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Learn how important building resilience through mindfulness is for self-care, and how taking these positive steps can positively impact your emotional and physical health and your interactions with others.

Listen to Rabbi Marc Katz, Rev. Ann Ralosky, and Pastor Leslie Houseworth-Fields in an interfaith conversation about loneliness. They discuss what exactly loneliness is, where they have seen it in their  congregations, and most importantly strategies that they have found to  cope with it. Loneliness is all pervasive in our society, especially now. This latest crisis only exacerbates what was already under the surface for so many.  Yet, faith and religion have a unique perspective on how to combat isolation and alienation. Join these three faith leaders as they explore  these themes and share strategies to find comfort in this time.

Take Back the Kitchen: Three Sessions on Shopping, Storing, Prepping and Cooking During Quarantine with Alma Schneider, LCSW and Cooking Coach. We had our strategies down for running the kitchen, but we now need to rethink and replan to get three meals a day on the table. Learn some tips and tricks to feed our loved ones safely without losing our minds and/or gauging our wallets.

The current health crisis has generated tremendous anxiety for virtually everyone in the world. Yet even in the face of such challenging circumstances, it is possible to find peace and even some measure of happiness. In this session, we will mine our great religious and philosophical traditions as well as contemporary research for insights and practices that can help us survive and even thrive in a time of crisis. Video 1 of 4.

Join MPL's first live webcast of our popular literary series featuring author Ada Calhoun in conversation with author and health editor Maureen Connolly about Ada’s bestseller, “Why We Can’t Sleep: Women’s New Midlife Crisis”. Participate in virtual Q&A with Ada.


MONTCLAIR Bounce: A Festival of Optimism and Resilience launched last year at the end of May. Over eight days, 7,000 neighbors came together for 78 events with 100 partners. The Festival was inspired by research underscoring the kinds of activities and experiences that benefit body and mind and can function as a kind of tool box or even treasure chest, handy for tough times. 

Photos from MONTCLAIR Bounce 2019: The Festival - thanks to Kate Albright, Devon Warren, Norman Rosenblum, and Chanda Hall.