Fun Writing Sessions for Middle Schoolers

Hello Students and Parents!


We’re offering a free virtual journaling and creative writing class for middle schoolers that will meet every Friday at 4:00 in March and April.

We are six friends who are all juniors at Montclair High School and we have all taken classes in journaling with local teacher, Rachel Bernstein.

Journaling is a valuable and enjoyable skill that can help people process their thoughts and emotions,  which can lead to personal growth and improved writing. It is proven to reduce stress, improve memory, boost mood, and strengthen emotional functions. In our own experience with journaling, we have all witnessed significant changes in both our writing and mental health.

Montclair Journaling Leaders:

Sahai John, Olyvia Okochi, Ruby Mae Heathman, Sofia Saidi, Elinor Behlman, and Maggie Greenberg

Materials: A notebook, a writing utensil, and a device to connect with us via Zoom are all you need, along with creativity and an eagerness to write!


Registration form below.  *Note waiver requirement.

Montclair Journaling Background


We have previously led a few sessions of writing classes over the summer, fall, and winter with groups of middle schoolers from around Montclair. We’ve loved writing with them every Tuesday and Saturday and hearing their creative responses to our prompts.


This fall, we began working with a group of sixth grade boys who didn’t love writing at the start of the class and had some difficulty focusing for long amounts of time. However, by the end of the session, we found that they wanted to continue taking the class into the winter and had come to enjoy journaling. We find fun ways to put a spin on the prompts and incorporate their interests into the writing process; for example, the students often play intro music before reading stories out loud.


Through the Bounce festival, we will work to fit the needs of the group and ensure that every student feels comfortable and has an equal chance to develop their writing.